Adding value at every turn!

HOPING provides a variety of secure and cost-efficient packaging solutions to insure the most essential protection and preservation of our products. Our goal is not only to provide you the packaging to accommodate your shipping and production needs,but to make you more efficient and cost effective.

Some examples of custom packaging from HOPING include:

Plastic Tube: Miniature and Instrument bearings are normally packaged 10 bearings or more in clear plastic tubes, put into box and then place in individual cartons.

Roll Pack: The medium-sized types are normally packaged 6-10 bearings in anti-rust paper rolls, then place in individual cartons

Individual Box: Each bearing is placed in an individual plastic bag or plastic-faced brown paper and then placed in individual boxes. Each box can be labeled with information per customer's request.

Bulk Pack: Each bearing is hermetically sealed in a plastic bag, placed neatly in an individual carton with plastic bag in it.

Other types of packaging will be considered per customer's request. Contact us if you have special needs about package and you will find what we can do for you.


HPG Bearing packing