Installation and Maintenance of HPG Bearings

In order to maintain the original performance of HPG bearings in good condition as long as possible, require professional industrial bearing maintenance, repair, lubrication, in order to accident prevention in the first place, to ensure reliability of operation, improve productivity, economy. Maintenance best corresponding mechanical operating conditions, operating standards, on a regular basis. The surveillance operation, to supplement or replace the lubricant, the inspection of the regular demolition. Matters as the operation, maintenance, HPG bearings of the rotating sound, vibration, temperature, lubricant state, and so on.

HPG bearings cleaning: remove HPG bearing overhaul, first recorded the appearance of the bearing, confirm the amount of lubricant remaining sample to check with the lubricant, wash bearing. As a cleaning agent, ordinary gasoline, kerosene.Removed to HPG bearings cleaning and rough cleaning and fine cleaning points on the container, first put the bottom of the metal net bearing no direct contact with the dirt of the container. Coarse cleaning, if the  bearing with dirt rotation will damage the rolling surface of  bearing, it should be noted.Coarse cleaning oil, using a brush to remove to grease, adhesive material, and generally clean, and transferred to the sperm washing.

Sperm washing is HPG bearings in cleaning the oil side of the rotation, while careful cleaning. In addition, cleaning the oil should be kept clean.
HPG bearings of the maintenance and judgment of the bearings removed: In order to determine whether you can use to check the HPG bearings clean. Check the raceway, the raceway, with the state of the surface wear of the cage, the increase in the bearing clearance, and nothing to do with dimensional accuracy to drop damage, abnormal. Non-separation of small ball bearings, with one hand to the inner level of support, rotating outer ring to confirm smooth.
Tapered roller bearings and other separation shaped bearings, rolling element, the outer ring raceway surface were examined.Large bearings, because they can not hand rotation, pay attention to check the rolling element and raceway, cage, rib surface appearance, the importance of HPG bearing the higher the greater the need for a careful check.

HPG bearings lubrication purposes:
Scroll  bearings lubrication aim is to reduce the bearing internal friction and wear, to prevent burning stick, its lubrication utility as follows.
(1) to reduce friction and wear.
Constitute imports of bearing rings, rolling element and to maintain contact with each other part, to prevent the metal contact, reducing friction, wear and tear.

(2) to extend the fatigue life.
HPG rolling bearings fatigue life, in the rotation, the rolling contact surfaces oiled, will be extended. On the contrary, the low oil viscosity, the thickness of the lubricant film is not good, is shortened.

(3) discharge of frictional heat and cooling.
Cycle oil law and other oil discharge occurred by friction heat, the heat coming from the external cooling. Prevent the HPG bearing overheating, to prevent the lubricant itself aging.

(4) Other
Also have the effect of HPG bearing to prevent the intrusion of foreign matter, or to prevent rust and corrosion. Lubrication methods:
In order to make HPG bearing well play function, first, to select suitable conditions, the purpose of lubrication method. If there is only a lubrication, oil lubrication dominant. However, the grease lubrication expertise can simplify the structure of HPG bearings around the pros and cons of grease and oil lubrication.

Installation of HPG bearings:
Installation of HPG bearings are correct, and affect the accuracy, longevity, and performance. Therefore, the design and assembly department for bearing installation. I hope to be installed in accordance with the operating standards. Operating standards of the project is usually as follows:
(1) cleaning HPG bearings and related parts;

(2) check the connected components of size and finishing;

(3) installation;

(4) check after installing the  bearings;

(5) the supply of lubricant.

I hope to be installed, just open the packaging of HPG bearings. General grease lubrication, cleaning, directly populate grease. Lubricating oil lubrication, do not have to clean, however, instruments or high-speed imported bearings, etc., to use clean oil washed to remove rust inhibitor applied to the bearings. Remove the bearing of a rust inhibitor, rust, and so can not be placed regardless. Furthermore, the enclosed grease  bearings, no cleaning to be used directly.

HPG bearings is due to the bearing structure, with different conditions, general, due to multi-axis rotation, the inner ring needs interference fit. Cylindrical bore bearings, multi-press pressure in, or more hot charging method. The occasi on of the tapered bore mounted directly on the taper of the shaft, or sleeve installation.

Installed on the shell, the general clearance with more than outer ring of the amountof interference, usually pressed into the press, or installed after cooling the shrink fit. Coolant with dry ice to expand and contract with the installation of the occasion, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the bearings.Therefore, the appropriate anti-rust measures.