How to Maintain Your HPG Bearings Featured

Bearings mounted to the rotor when it is easy to do balancing generated when iron filings into the bearings inside, so it is best fitted to do before HPG bearings balancing. There are some manufacturers in order to facilitate assembly, the bearing assembly in the interior coated with some oil or grease from the lubrication effect, but the operator is often difficult to control the amount, if oil or grease in the bearing interior accumulates more in the bearing rotation is easy access along the axis within the bearing. It is best not to oil bearings or grease, such as non-coated bearings shall not have to control the indoor accumulates.

Generally equal to the bearing raceway sound with the sound of other voices. Sound of the ball bearing roller is irregular, the frequency of 1000Hz or more, it's not the main frequency change with the speed, but speed up the overall sound pressure level increases with speed. Sound of a large roller bearings, the roller with the viscosity of the sound pressure level increases; the sound of a small roller bearings, the level increased in viscosity to about 20mm2 / s or more, by reducing the And to be increased. The greater rigidity of the bearing seat, the total sound pressure level raceway lower. Such as the radial clearance is too small, the total sound pressure level raceway and the main frequency will follow the reduction in radial clearance increased dramatically. Control methods are sound Raceway: HPG bearings that use low-noise ripple is very small bearing, carefully chosen to use the premise. Often affect the entire raceway mechanical sound noise, sound reduction roller can reduce the mechanical noise.
Move the body and control the impact of sound models of the larger ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings in a pure radial load at low speed, the centrifugal force due to move a smaller body, stuck in a non-load area will impact the cage body or roller and noisy. But along with the speed of progress, this sound will disappear. The impact of sound on the move body control methods are: appropriate to reduce the radial clearance, fair use of materials and structure of the cage of HPG bearings.

The rolling sound and sound control is a cylindrical roller bearings on all occasions possible harsh unpleasant sound of metal rubbing, mostly in grease lubricated bearings in the larger models, and in the functional deterioration of base oil more susceptible to grease, oil lubrication in almost no time. In addition, more prone to winter, when under pure radial load, radial clearance in the big occasions easily occur, and with models of different sizes, at a particular speed range easily happen, both will occur continuously will float to the surface intermittently. Foreign raceway take special processing methods to prevent jarring sound of a comeback, this bearing can be used when necessary, or appropriate to reduce HPG bearing radial clearance, the use of function and good bearing grease and progress match machine rigid parts.

Paint rust is characterized by multiple motor in a sealed-type motor in the assembly, sound good, but put in the warehouse for some time, the motor becomes very abnormal sound, remove the bearing with severe rusting. The problem is mainly due to varnish out of volatile acids in a certain temperature, humidity, the formation of corrosive substances, the order of the channel leading to bearing corrosion damage. The problem can only be a good choice of insulating paint, and air dried for some time after the assembly.